About the Press

It’s our opinion that five years from now, publishing and publication are going to bear only passing resemblance to the way we imagine these terms today, especially for those committed to unconventional aesthetics.

One of our chief aims at Steerage Press* is to reenvision what is meant by publication – before it revises us. And of course we’re not alone – there are other presses out there with much the same agenda. There’s no telling where this might lead, but we have to be open to the book in all of its manifestations: Gutenberg artifact or media event, literature is apt to undergo constant revaluation in the midst of a volatile global economy and mutable social landscape. In the process, we can expect the tried & true to merge with the new to yield strikingly recombinant literary forms. What will count, as always, will be the capacity of the book to enlighten, to move, to provoke.

Five years from now, when so much has changed, we want to be there already.

Contact: info at steeragepress dot com


*Why Steerage? See unconventional aesthetics, above. We have a thing for the little guy.

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