Best 11 Lines in Joyce’s Novel Disappearance, by Chapter

1. But that is getting ahead of things.

2. Here is how it is.

3. Like those little lost dots on the screen, you are mere dust.

4. Mine was the ecstasy of a gnat drunk with the spider’s liqueur.

5. But there was something wrong with my tongue, it was thick as a folded cloth in my dry mouth.

6. The question before me was to disentangle myself from whatever was not me and to let events take their own sequence if that was how it was to be.

7. You could be thrown back and the advance would catch you up like a magnet but you could not leap forward, only watch as the great tongue you walked upon emerged relentlessly ever and again from its opening, moving back behind you.

8.  Cedric moaned in a foreign language and half the time my mind kept running through a mad calculus wherein it weighed whether Cedric’s suffering with me meant that he, too, was a prisoner and that what we were experiencing together was a strange kind of incarceration.

9. Whoever had produced this spectacle was an expert, I thought,  more gifted than any game maker. The sad eyes, the silence, the quiet breathing of the characters at the table were perfectly rendered. What will happen next, I thought, is that the sister will address me with quiet affection.

10. But that is getting ahead of the story.

11. I cried aloud again.

11. Where was she lost, I wondered?  In what world would I find her?

11. It wasn’t I but time itself that had been marred by this slit in the earth into which hope sank like—

11. You have to keep playing.


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